In 2004 the Jane Sutherland label was established on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, in Kingston. Jane’s background in jewellery was her in-road into the fashion industry where she has been making a name for herself by using fabric and metalwork harmoniously.

“I have a love of design, ranging from architecture, interior design and photography. However, I always had a desire to take a path in one aspect of design, especially, garments.”

Jane is disciplined when it comes to clothes. Her focus is on exceptionally well cut and wearable garments, encompassing clever attention to detail.

Those unique details sit well amongst sleekly androgynous pieces, exemplifiying a signature of directional aesthetics and consummating attention to detail.

“It has been a challenging and interesting journey, establishing a clothing label from Kingston, where the population is no more that 300 people” Jane says “Having access and an interest in the cities though, is a perfect balance to coming back home to family, the lake and the mountains. Paradise!”